There are many benefits to residing at Positive Start Sober Living.  Below are just a few: 

  • Affordable -  Positive Start Sober Living provides all utilities.  The average sober living home in Florida charges around $225 per week
  • Support system - All residents of the home share the common goal of trying to remain clean and sober.   
  • Central Locations - Most homes are located in central areas so that residents have access to public transportation, shopping, AA/NA meetings and other resources.
  • Structured Environment - Although not as restrictive as treatment programs, the residents must follow many guidelines designed to keep them on the right path. 
  • Access to Resources -  Positive Start Sober Living has a network of reputable treatment centers and detox centers.

Call 561-331-2467 for assistance.

*  We are owner operated, caring, and ethical staff.

*  Family Oriented

*  Owner is Licensed Mental Health Counselor  and Certified Addictions Professional


*  The maintenance, cleanliness, and quality of the home is important to us, as well as the quality of the neighborhood. 



Who We Are

At Positive Start Sober Living, we are focused on helping residents see recovery as a way of life.

For recovering addicts who are trying to remain clean and sober the choices made upon graduating from treatment programs can be crucial.  Many people graduate from treatment programs and are then returned back to the exact same place and situation they were in while they were using.  For a recovery addict this can be a big mistake.  Transitioning back in to the community and trying to avoid the negative aspects that lead them to addiction can be very difficult.  Especially if they are surrounded by the same negative conditions they were in before their treatment. 

This is were Positive Start Sober Living comes in.  Positive Start Sober Living provides the recovering addict with the structure and stability needed to keep them focused.  This allows them to transition back in to society without any of the stress and temptations they would face if returning to their old environments.  Our residents learn to cope without the use of drugs and alcohol, build self esteem, and become happily and usefully whole.  During this time they are able to seek outside treatment, attend meetings for addicts or self-help groups, maintain employment and build bonds with their friends and families.  Unlike treatment facilities, sober living residents can stay for as long as they need to rather than being sent back to the streets after a set amount of time.