Housing and Amenities

  • Comfortable living space

  • Flat screen TV

  • Wireless internet

  • Cable TV

  • Telephone (landline)

  • Free washer and dryer

  • Bedding


Structured Living

  • Random drug testing
  • Mandatory 12-step involvement
  • Abide by house rules (some are listed below)


Rules and Requirements for Residency:

1.  We ask that you have the sincere desire to live a life of recovery.

2.  During the first 30days, your curfew is 11:00p.m.  After 30 days, curfew is midnight.  After 60 days, the curfew will be discussed.  Late or missed curfews will be discussed.

3.  NO ALCOHOL/DRUGS allowed on property.  Use and/or possession results in being asked to leave.  Over the counter medications should be approved.

4.  No visitors with the exception of your sponsor.

5.  You must attend AA or NA meetings.  You must attend at least one men's meeting weekly.

6.  You must have/get a sponsor and must be working the 12-steps.  This will be monitored. 

7.  You must be looking for a full-time job, volunteer position, or school opportunity.   Must provide work schedule that can be verified.

8.  Sign in/out sheet should be used and be updated at all times.

9.  Must follow leadership of house or property manager.

10.  Participate in all house meetings each week.  Housing meetings are held Sunday mornings.  

11  There will be cleanliness checks (beds made, laundry, trash, dirty dishes, etc,).  Maintain your room, bath, kitchen, living and dining room areas at all times.

12.  The front door must be locked at all times.  When leaving the house the a/c should be turned up to at least 78 degrees.  Check that lights, ceiling fans are off and close and lock windows.

13.  No food in bedrooms.

14.  No smoking in residence.  The designated smoke is in the back yard. 

15.  Theft of any kind will not be tolerated.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen objects and recommend you not bring anything of value.

16.  No violence to self or others (physical, verbal, "acting out") will be tolerated and will result in being asked to leave.  No weapons of any kind.

17.  No negative contracts.  Keeping your own or someone else's secrets can be potentially harmful to you or someone else's recovery or safety. 

18.  Weekly drug tests will be conducted randomly at the house - if positive you will be referred immediately to a detox or appropriate level of care.

19.  The rent ($175.00/$200.00) will be due every Friday.  You are required to pay the full amount of rent.  Payment is considered late after Sunday and you will incur a late fee of $25.00.

20.  No borrowing money, vehicles, personal items or clothing.

21.  No hanging out at bars, clubs, hookah/kava bars, people, places, or things having to do with alcohol, drugs, or addictive behaviors.

22.  No vehicles allowed for the first 30 days of residence unless approved by management.  It must be registered to you.  It must have current tags and proof of insurance.  You must also have a valid driver's license for the state that you reside. 

23.  Following your aftercare plan if discharged from treatment is highly encouraged.  If enrolled in an IOP/OP, it is encourage that you attend all scheduled IOP/OP groups.

24.  No overnights will be allowed for anyone during the first 30 days.  Overnight stay requests must be received no later than one day before the requested date.  Overnights may not be accumulated.  One overnight stay per week is allowed. 

25.  No sexual relations in house or on property will be tolerated.


Centrally Located

  • Near public transportation.
  • Many 12-step meetings daily, nearby.
  • Several outpatient programs close by.
  • Individual therapist referrals available.
  • Close to Palm Beach Atlantic University and other educational facilities.
  • Close to the beach and inter-coastal.
  • Close to the Palm Beach Outlet Mall.
  • Close to West Palm Beach Airport.
  • Close to City Place.



  • We offer affordable living
  • Competitive pricing

Residents are welcome to stay as long as necessary.

Weekly rent is $175.00/$200.00 (double occupancy room) or $200.00 (single occupancy room).

We have a $200.00 non-refundable administrative fee.

These fees cover all living expenses except food.  

Other Benefits

  • Onsite Professionals
  • Access to Treatment
  • Individual Case Management
  • Structured Supervision and Support
  • Random Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • Life Skills Training
  • Employment and Job Assistance